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We Invest to Address Global Challenges

Vectors Angel is a community of impact investors that look to empower spectacular startups addressing global challenges while achieving great financial returns.

We focus on Health and Sustainability deals.

Positive Investment

Vectors Angel consist of seasoned investors that invest and foster startup companies that have a positive impact on society. Societal challenges come with great responsibility and business opportunities. 

Investors Welcome! Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to angel investing, join us if you want to be part of a community empowering impactful startups.

Startups We are looking for you! If you're solving a big problem in any of our focus fields with a super hero team to execute, please submit your company for our review. 

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Calling for enablers


All accredited investors who want to change the world together are welcomed to join Vector Angels at zero membership fee. We expect you to mentor and provide resources to the portfolio companies.  See investor FAQ for more information.

Calling for Action Takers 


If you have a great product within our focus areas and an amazing team, come talk to us. We are here to invest and enable.  See founder FAQ for more information.

Focus Areas

We fund companies with innovative and transformational technologies in the following fields:

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New Mobility

From walking with two legs and riding on horses to self driving car and getting to mars, human society has come a long way to reinvent how we get from Point A to Point B – further, faster, greener.


Sustainable Energy & Resource Optimization

We're looking for companies that can help power our societies with cleaner energy and optimize our resource utilization to hand over our beautiful earth to the next  generations.

Health & Wellness 

Sustainable Materials

Live longer, healthier, and happier.  We're looking for innovations in digital healthcare.  advances in applications of AI, and solutions to make our healthcare systems more efficient and effective. 

From new solar materials to biodegradable products, fundamental innovation often begin with atoms and molecules. The innovation of materials are the foundation a cleaner and more sustainable society.

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