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About Vectors Angel

We're deeply dedicated to the idea that we can invest in startups that address global challenges while also achieving great financial returns; a positive vector on both axes. Typically we invest in early rounds (pre-seed, bridge, seed) in start-ups developing technology that solve problems in sustainability and human health. Our focus areas include: New Mobility, Sustainable Energy & Resource Optimization, Sustainable Materials, and Health & Wellness.

Vectors Impact Pledge 

Vectors Angel is dedicated to supporting companies that can create a positive impact in solving global challenges in sustainability and healthcare. Starting in March 2021, the companies we invest in sign the Vectors Impact Pledge, in which they quantify their current positive impacts and their long term impact goals.

FAQ for startups

Who are our investors?

Vectors Angel consist of seasoned investors that invest and foster startup companies that have a positive impact on society; accredited investors, funds, angel groups who want to change the world together; often are expected to mentor and provide resources to the portfolio companies.

Our Process

After you submit your fundraising application through our website, we will do an initial review. If we believe your company falls into our investment thesis and has a potential for a strong VC tracked company, one of us will reach out to you for an introductory call.  

We're deeply dedicated to the idea that we can invest in startups that address global challenges while also achieving great financial returns; a positive vector on both axes.

We uniquely go through an in-depth diligence process of vetting companies, speaking with founders and multiple references, and writing a detailed investment memo for our angels.  This process could take a month or more. We only recommend investments that we fully believe in to form the syndicate with a term agreed upon by both the startup company and Vectors Angel managers.

If we decide not move forward with a syndicate, your deck is still visible to our network investors during our offline deal selection meetings. They will have the opportunity to work directly with you, if the deck boosts their interests. 

Our progress is also evolving over time to better serve both our network investors and inbounding startup companies. We will keep you posted for potential changes. 

What are the typical terms? 

We will discuss the investment term as a group with the startup company if we have decided to move towards a syndicate. It is case by case depending on the stage of the startup company. 



We fully understand the confidentiality requirement of many startup companies. The investment team or group managers who work with you on the dual diligence process can sign a NDA if required. A comprehensive investment memo is given  to our network investors after approval of the start-up founder. If you do not want your deck to be shared directly with our angel investors, please also keep us informed.  

FAQ for investors

What makes Vectors Angel group unique?

Our unique offering is threefold: First, we focus specifically on impact and sustainability companies, staying true to our thesis of positive impact and positive returns.  Second, unlike many angel groups, our management team conducts a full package of diligence on each company and specifically makes an investment recommendation based on 1-2 months of vetting and research.  Other angel groups only introduce companies to angels and allow angels to conduct diligence on their own. Finally, Vectors Angel requires no fee to join, as we want to keep this important space as accessible to investors as possible.


Who can be accredited investors? 

Please reference yourself to the SEC rule listed below. Vectors Angel is not responsible for verifying your accredited investor status.


Can I invest with Vectors Angel if I am an foreign investor? 

Yes, as long as you satisfy the SEC rule of an accredited investor. 


What is a syndicate?

Per the definition on AngelList: "A syndicate is a venture capital fund created to make a single investment. They are led by experienced technology investors, and financed by institutional investors and sophisticated angels."


What is the investment  vehicle used for the syndicate? 

We are currently using (Glassboard), the AngelList back office for the syndicate. The term used is exactly the same as a typical deal on the AngelList website. Management fee ($2500 per deal, $200 reserve expense fee, plus 1.5% of the deal size)  goes to the platform (lower than directly through AngelList) with 20% of carry. covers all legal costs and manage the syndicate on behalf of the group for 7 years under the arrangement.


Can I meet with other angel investors? 

Absolutely. Please join our offline deal brunch, slack channel, and events to meet other like-minded angel investors. 


Are there annual membership fees involved with the angel community? 

No. We want to encourage angel investors to work with our startup companies, so we are not adding additional bars. 


Are there minimum check size requirements? 

There is a minimum of $5000 (+ platform fees) investment to participate in the deal. 


Online communication channel (Slack Group)

Our online communication channel is through our Slack group. You will receive the link from the Slack group after you fill out your investment preference on our website. Relevant new deals, events, and news are announced in the group chat. You can also directly chat with us, or other investors in the Slack channel.

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