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Vectors Collective

Casual Business Meeting

About Vectors Collective

Mobilizing collected financing to tackle the world's pressing challenges, starting with climate change.

We believe outstanding financial returns align well with creating enduring positive environmental and social impact 

Thesis and research driven climate financing solutions by partnership with world leading research institutions and think tanks 

In a Meeting

Vectors Directions 

[Impact x Financial Return]


[eg. CO2 reduction ]

Investment Return

[MoM x times over y years] 

Vectors Impact Pledge 

Startups or projects are encouraged to pledge their future effort to maximize their intended impact.  

Staff Meeting

Thesis Driven Mission Driven Investment 

Mission Driven Investment 

  • Climate Frontier Fund 

  • Angel Syndicates

  • Synbio x Climate case fund 

  • Other mission investing financial products  

Community Engagement and Education 

  • Investment bootcamp 

  • Community education event 

  • Angel community

Think Tank 

  • Industry overlook: decarbonization technology / approaches 

  • Industry/go to market challenges 

  • Climate financing approaches 

  • Policy roadmaps

Climate Frontier Fund 

Power the frontier climate solutions through investments and partnerships

Huge Emerging Market

Capable Founder

Defensible solution

Product Market Fit

Policy aligned

Climate Impact 

Sector - Mission Driven Investment 


Energy Transition

(27% of global GHG contribution)

Renewable energy, energy storage


Decarbonized Transportation

(16% of global GHG contribution)

Electric vehicle, hydrogen, battery value chain 


Agricultural and Natural solutions 

(19% of GHG contribution) 

Alternative protein, agriculture innovation, blue economy, carbon sequestration 


Heavy Industry and manufacturing 

(31% of global GHG contribution)

Alternative plastics, alternative materials, sustainable processing 


Built Environment

(7% of global GHG contribution)  

Low carbon construction, energy efficiency 


Integrated Solutions

Carbon Capture, circular economy, climate risk, insurance tech, green finance, behavioral change, consumer B2B, B2C solutions including carbon accounting, reporting and more  

Vectors Angel and SPVs    

Vectors Angel is the impact investment angel syndicate group with 100+ members that invest in companies through special purpose vehicles. 


The due diligence is venture type of due diligence performed by the core deal team. 

Selected Portfolio Companies

Banyan Logo_edited.png
Business Team At Work

Vectors Angel Deal Team: Investment Fellowship Program

A 4+2 month investment fellowship program for aspiring angel investors, professionals and scientist to join our investment team. 

Selected Current Cohort of the investment team: 

Jenny Kan

Focus Area: Synthetic biology 

Focuses on early-stage bio and AI/ML investments that solve problems in sustainability and health. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge and completed her Synthetic Biology Postdoc at Caltech.

Screen Shot 2565-01-25 at 15.28.03.png

Nikodem Pancewicz 

Focus Area: energy systems 

Nik spent a decade in the energy sector at various multinational companies in engineering, sales, and strategy, and currently works in Business Development and Strategy at ABB. Nikodem holds a master’s degree in management from Harvard University and a master’s degree in law from Northwestern University.

Screen Shot 2565-01-25 at 15.28.18.png

Focus Area: biotechnology

Wanwipa is a MIT/Princeton trained chemical engineer. She is based in Bangkok, Thailand, as an Assistant Professor at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, and works on different research projects related to to improve human lives, ranging from tissue engineering for healing diabetic wounds to addressing environmental problems by converting wastes to high-value products. 

Screen Shot 2565-01-25 at 15.28.24.png

Wanwipa Siriwatwechakul

Matt Stone 

Focus Area: Semiconductor

Matt Stone is currently a team member  at Intel Capital, responsible for working with Intel Capital's portfolio companies. Matt received his master's degree in management science and engineering from Stanford University, and bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Arizona.

Screen Shot 2565-01-25 at 15.28.10.png

Long Term: Mission Driven Investment Launchpad with Full Capital Stack & Blended Financing

Leading Research Institution and Think Tank collaboration

Tackle climate challenges with blended financing 

1. Identify current challenges bottlenecking climate financing and work collectively to creatively tackle the problem. 

2. Collaborate with think tank to identify potential policies or programs that might enable more climate technology adoption. 

Form specific working group to identity and 

launch appropriate financial products to tackle the challenge

  • Venture Capital 

  • Growth Equity 

  • Project finance 

  • Private equity

  • Insurance 

  • Credit 

  • and more…..

A research-first thesis-driven approach to deliver financial products and impact. 

We embrace blended financing options to tackle specific climate finance challenges.

Climate Investment Bootcamp

A 5-weeks entry level venture investment course that targets climate vertical 

Topic covered: 


Climate investment overview 


Venture investment basic with a climate focus 


Legal and financial basics 


Policy market driver and opportunity area deep dive


Portfolio management for climate technology companies


Professor Ilya A. Strebulaev

The David S. Lobel Professor of Private Equity and Professor of Finance, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Abstract Surface
Yixing Profile photo.PNG

Dr. Yixing Xu

Research Director of Breakthrough Energy Sciences

AL Headshot Square1.jpg

Hara Wang

Head of Investments, Third Derivatives

polasset-685 gordon_ jason_jpgor_crophires.jpg

With real startup company live due diligence 

Yijean Chow

Investment Principal, Future Energy Ventures

Alex Luce 

Partner, Creative Ventures

Jason Gordon

Corporate attorney, Polsinelli


Selected Portfolio Companies

Denim Jeans

(Berkeley, CA)  

Invested at Pre-seed. 2019 

Current stage: Raising Series A

Computer Robot


(New York City, NY)  

Invested at Series A bridge. 2020

Current stage: Series C 

Princess Cut Diamond

Aether Diamond

(New York City, NY)  

Invested at seed. 2021, current stage: Series A

Denim Jeans


 (San Diego, CA) 

Invested at Series A1. 2021, current stage: Raising Series A2

Computer Robot

Banyan Infrastructure

(San Francisco, CA)

Invested at Series seed+. 2021, current stage: Raising Series A

Princess Cut Diamond

C-Light Technologies

(Berkeley, CA)

Invested at seed, 2020

Princess Cut Diamond

(Berkeley, CA)

Invested pre-seed 2021

Similing Team


Late 2019 

Sept, 2019

May, 2020

Sept, 2021

Sept, 2021

Dec, 2021 



More mission driven investment initiatives to come! 

Vectors Angel

Vectors Angel The impact investment angel syndicate groupFounded Late 2019 by Jane Ge

Vectors Collective

First investment:’s pre-seed round 

First public investor deal selection day 

First climate investment Bootcamp

Synbio x climate case fund

Climate Frontier Fund

First cohort of investment fellowship program

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