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Toluca National Park

We Invest to Fight Climate Change Globally.

We are dedicated to empowering spectacular startups addressing global challenges. ​

The capital that scales impact 

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Focus Areas

We look for startups to address global climate and UN Sustainable Development goals in the following areas:  

Front of Car

Low carbon mobility solutions

Wind Turbines

Sustainable Energy & Resource Optimization

We're looking for companies that can help power our societies with cleaner energy and optimize our resource utilization to hand over our beautiful earth to the next  generations.

Green Pastures

Sustainable Food & Agriculture

We look at solutions that enable a regenerative and carbon-negative economy, such as alternative protein, ag innovation, carbon sequestration, and blue economy. 

Construction Crane

Sustainable production and heavy industry

We support innovative technologies and solutions eliminating carbon from society in industry, such as alternative plastics, sustainable materials, and processing

Industrial Smoke

Decarbonized built environment 

We support innovations that contribute to energy efficiency, low carbon construction, and end-use. 

Business Presentation

Integrated Solutions

Further holistic decarbonization efforts such as carbon capture, circular economy, climate risk, insurance tech, green finance, behavioral change, consumer B2B+B2C solutions including carbon accounting, reporting, and more

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Vectors Impact Pledge 

We are dedicated to supporting companies that can create a positive impact in solving global challenges. We encourage our portfolio companies to sign the Vectors Impact Pledge, which they quantify their current positive impacts and their long term impact goals

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