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SynBio x Climate Fund 

Connect and learn with impact investors to co-lead a venture round in SynBio x Climate

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Connect and learn with impact investors to co-lead a venture round in SynBio x Climate

Synthetic Biology (SynBio) will change how we live, how diseases are cured, and how we combat climate change in the next decade. It is an emerging technology that makes it possible to systematically and predictably engineer biological systems, giving us unprecedented capability to solve complex and intractable problems in the world.

Recognizing the tremendous climate benefits and future growth of SynBio innovations, Vectors Angel is launching a $1M Case Fund to bring impact investors together to co-lead a Seed or Series A investment in a SynBio startup solving climate problems.

SynBio x Climate

With the potential to generate biological products that substitute almost 60% of the physical inputs to the global economy, from food, bio-based chemicals and materials, to consumer products, SynBio can help us:

Reduce greenhouse gas emission in agriculture, food production, and manufacturing. 

Move away from industrial processes that are petroleum-based with the use of renewable bio- based resources.


Replace anthropogenic mass with biomass to reduce harmful human- made products and waste in our ecosystem. 


This is the decade for SynBio 

As SynBio enters a new era of commercial success with biomanufacturing and DNA synthesis companies closing their IPOs and privately held SynBio unicorns such as 

  • Impossible Foods (valued at $5.2B) 

  • Pivot Bio (valued at $1.7B) 

  • Mammoth Biosciences (valued at $1B) 

disrupt what we eat, how farmers grow crops, and how we read and write the code of life, this decade will see SynBio unleashing a waterfall of new products and processes that define our world for generations to come.

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SynBio Market Size

$30.7 B


$9.5 B



What is SynBio x Climate Case Fund?

The case fund is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that expands the scope and scale of traditional angel investments by allowing the syndicate to raise a larger sum of capital and lead an investment round as opposed to participating with a small check size.
Done Deal

Why invest in SynBio x Climate Case Fund?

By participating in this fund as a limited partner, you will:
  • Participate in a round as lead investor and make impacts and returns
  • Develop understanding of the rapidly-growing SynBio x Climate industry through access to deals
  • Engage in the full venture investment cycle: from deal sourcing, due diligence, to investment committee
  • Network with startups, experts, angel investors, and VCs in this space
Moving People

Who are we looking for?

Vectors Angel is looking to collaborate with limited partners who: 

  • Are accredited investors 

  • Believe in and support founders 

  • Are passionate about climate and creating impact on the world and their communities 

  • Can bring additional guidance and industry expertise to our team Are actively engaged in Vectors' missions 

Investment Terms

The case fund will be run by Vectors Angel as managing director and will be legally maintained by AngelList after the investment.

Structure : Special Purpose Vehicle operated and monitored by AngelList
Fund Life : 5 years + unlimited until liquidity events
Minimum Closing : USD $1,000,000
Minimum LP Investment : USD $50,000(individual), USD $250,000(institution)
Management Fee : 1% per annum on top of commitment (5 years)
Performance Fee : 20% performance fees
Closing Date : 12/30/2021 or 14 days following Vectors Angel’s decision to invest in the round, whichever date comes first.

After the investment, Vectors Angel will continue to assist the portfolio company in their efforts to raise further capital, including connecting the company to mission-aligned and resource-abundant investors. The co-lead investor will be largely responsible for all portfolio support not related to capital engagement.

Skyscrapers and Sky
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Company Stage & Return Expectation

The Case Fund will invest in a Seed / Series A startup at the intersection of climate and SynBio that has trusted technologies and low risk.

Seed Companies

Seed Companies will have developed working prototypes and are engaged in pilot projects that will accelerate the growth of their technologies. This stage carries greater risk at a lower valuation.

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Series A Companies

Series A Companies will have already proven their product in the field and have achieved traction and revenue. We will be prioritizing go-to market strategies and long-term viability. The round size for Series A is substantially higher than Seed.