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Beyond Investors

Vectors Capital is more than your traditional venture fund. We enable you to be a part of the low-carbon transformation. Whether your firm is looking for new opportunities in the Climate Economy, gaining in-depth knowledge and experience in the space, or accessing the next generation of net-zero technologies, Vectors Capital is your partner.

Image by Artem Sapegin

Unlimited Partners Climate Investment Accelerator

Limited Partners with Vectors Capital receive Unlimited opportunities to gain knowledge of the low carbon economy, access to an exclusive network, share their experience in carbon reduction, or explore low carbon opportunities with Vectors portfolio startup companies.

Virtual Climate Investment Bootcamp
April 2023

Receive a tailored hands-on climate investment program with the Vectors Capital team. Throughout this experience, you will receive a structured ClimateTech investment curriculum, listen to startup pitches, participate in investment discussion meetings, join our deal discussions, and receive the opportunity to work closely with our team members to evaluate companies. You can also join our in person program to join frontier climate dialogue at the heart of silicon valley or Southeast Asia. This is a special program available only to Vectors Climate Frontier Fund's limited partners.

Structured Learning

  • Climate Innovation & Investment Overview

  • Climate Policy

  • Venture Capital Basics

  • Climate Vertical Opportunities and Challenges

  • Term Sheet Basics

In-Person Component

Spend a day in-person at UC Berkeley with other "Un"Limited Partners, meeting leading faculty members from UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Corporations, Accelerators, and Startups

UC Berkeley Day
May 2023

Southeast Asia Day

More Information Coming Soon

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