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Position Open:
Partner/Principle, Climate Frontier Fund

Venture Partners

  • Are you excited about impact investment’s ability to solve global challenges?


  • Do you NOT have investment experience but  were a successful venture-backed startup founder with a recent exit from your company with an amazing multiple?  Then you want to get to the other side of the table to support entrepreneurs and target challenging environmental problems? 

Business Meeting

And, do you have the ambition to start your own shop… with us? 

In a Meeting

Who We Are

Vectors Impact Partners is rolling out a new climate fund focused on impact and financial returns.


Decreasing dependence on petroleum and fossil fuels


Reaching a net zero future


Fundamental technology innovations that positively impact wellness and health in human society

What do we expect from you

The candidate will be responsible for investment transaction-related efforts, and sourcing/leading his/her own investments, including developing financial models, performing primary and secondary market research, meeting with entrepreneurs, and attending relevant conferences and networking events. Work with the company until the exit event. 

A very logical thinker and an excellent executioner - you communicate with the rest of the team with your logic. You are hungry for excellent deals and relentlessly hunt them down. You love to work with entrepreneurs, but you can negotiate good deals for our investors.  You are smart, logical, and not arrogant. You are comfortable communicating and reaching out to fund raises from LPs. 

A problem solver - can be high level but can also get heads down to tackle any challenges. 



A real team player - You can mentor other team members and guide other team members to deliver quality results. You can communicate your reasoning with logic. 


A true believer of mobilizing finance to solve societal challenges.

A hard worker (and also entrepreneurial) - it is ok for you to have late night/early morning  meetings with the team members, entrepreneurs or investors. Whatever it takes, to deliver results. 


Always get the tasks done on time, with quality. 

More details

Responsibilities include:

Develop financial models relating to VC financing transactions, restructurings, valuation analyses and liquidity events. 

Perform due diligence such as customer and management references, industry research (e.g. market sizing and mapping and competitive landscape analyses), while demonstrating the ability to form a viewpoint on investment opportunities.


Craft investment memoranda and presentation materials for the partnership and in a lead investor capacity, to include developing and refining presentation themes, data gathering and synthesis, and constructing professional presentation materials. 

Work with portfolio companies to enhance operations and performance, report on portfolio company's performance and support them on future growth.


Potentially engage with LPs to deliver updates and participate in fundraising activities. 


Be an active promoter of our strategy, investments, team and a good social media user 

Compensation? We are forming a fund together. Let’s make it happen. You will receive your compensation after first closing with equity options. 

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Application Instructions

The position is subject to a very selective process. Please send a cover letter and resume to

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