Impact Investment Fellows Program

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Vectors Angel Impact Investment Fellow 


Program description

Vectors Angel is looking for their next cohort of Impact Investment Fellows to join our deal teams and support angel investments in startups solving challenges in sustainability and health care.  This program is designed to give participants angel investing experience from the perspective of impact and global change, familiarity with VC-level due diligence processes and an opportunity to develop skills at the vector of sustainability and finance.

We are looking for Angel Investors, PhD Students, MDs and Professionals to work under the mentorship of seasoned VCs in either of two teams – Sustainability or Healthcare.  

Vectors Angel is a group of impact-focused angel investors searching for the best seed and pre-seed stage startups.  Led by corporate investors based in the Bay Area, Vectors Angel portfolio deals include Huue, Opentrons, C. Light Technologies and Natilus.  

The Vectors Fellowship Program is part-time with an estimated 10 hours per week of engagement.

Fellowship Term

July 6 – October 29, 2021 with optional extension to December 17, 2021 to complete deals

Application Due: May 23, 2021

Please fill out the application here and attach a cover letter and resume.

Primary Expectations

  • Two weekly meetings (Tuesdays and Wednesdays tentatively at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT) 

  • Weekly deal updates, reading assignments and discussion

  • Conduct technical/business due diligence of startups 

  • Source promising startup companies

  • Conduct research and analysis on markets

  • Engage with potential investors

  • Reach out to potential collaborators for the companies 

  • Other items if needed

  • If you are an accredited investors – plan on investing at least $10K

  • Perform impact assessments

This is an unpaid yet rewarding experience. You may potentially be compensated by investment carries if you follow through and execute on one entire case including deal due diligence, investment memo write up, and case champion to actual investments. Extraordinary candidates may be offered the opportunity to continue investing with Vectors Angel deal team after completing the program. 

Vectors Angel Fellowship program is a very selective process. Please indicate your background, expertise, passion, and career path, and to which team you are applying to (Sustainability or Healthcare). Your role will be allocated based on your qualifications and personal interests in certain areas.  


  • The fellowship is designed for candidates who are passionate about impact investing and want to contribute on building such community 

  • Entrepreneurial and self-starter 

  • Strong analytical, critical thinking and research skills 

  • Excellent writing skills 

  • Attention to detail while not missing the big picture 

  • Strong business acumen 

  • PhDs or MD required for the Healthcare Team. Exception can be made for extraordinary candidates

  • PhDs or technical background recommended for sustainability team for deeptech companies