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Summer 2022 Fellowship Program accepting application

Program description

Business Plan

Vectors Capital is looking for their next cohort of Impact Investment Fellows to join our teams and support investments in startups solving challenges in climate change.  This program is designed to give participants investing experience from the perspective of impact and global change, familiarity with VC-level due diligence processes and an opportunity to develop skills at the vector of sustainability and finance.

Co Workers

We are looking for angel investors, professionals, accomplished students (Ph.D., MBA, computer science or law) to work under the mentorship of seasoned VCs on deal due diligence, finance, operations, and fundraising. However, you will work as a team and you have the opportunity to work across responsibilities and collaborate with each other to deliver investments. The next cohort will focus highly on climate tech. If you have a background in energy, mobility, agriculture, heavy industry, buildings or other related areas, it is a big plus.

Prepare to work as a team  - we make investment decisions together. 

The Vectors Fellowship Program is part-time with an estimated 10 hours per week of engagement.

Fellowship Term

June 20 – December 27, 2022

Primary Expectations


Two weekly meetings (Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT) 

Depending on the focus you choose, deliver your expected responsibilities 


Source promising startup companies

Weekly deal updates, reading assignments and discussion

Conduct technical/business due diligence of startups 



Conduct research and analysis on markets


Reach out to potential collaborators for the companies 


Other items if needed



Engage with potential investors


This is an unpaid yet rewarding experience. You may potentially be compensated by investment carries if you follow through and execute on one entire case including deal due diligence, investment memo write up and case champion to actual investments.

Application Due

May 29, 2022

​Required Education & Experience​


The fellowship is designed for candidates with alignment in sustainability and impact investing 


During your application, please indicate your preferred primary focus areas (due diligence, finance, operations, or fundraising).



Advanced degree is highly recommended. If you want to look into deeptech with a focus on deal due diligence, a Ph.D. in relevant areas is required.


Potential Responsibilities


Deal sourcing and due diligence 

This is the most fundamental job of a venture analyst - you find the companies for potential investment and run due diligence. Then you recommend the deal to the investment committee for an investment decision. Includes a lot of market research, financial modeling  and founder, customer, investor interviews. 



In a VC fund, operations are a big part of what we do. This includes events, running meetings, conducting regular conversations, new articles and more. You might support any operations duties that are required.



Even though early stage investment has less to do with financial modeling, we would like to invite some financial savvy investors to the team to compare public company, merger and acquisition data in the field, and have a better understanding of exit multiples at different stages. 

And also take a deeper look at the financial modeling startups put together. Do they make any sense? 



We expect you to come in with existing family offices and other potential LP relations that you can convert to invest with us. You also have the capabilities or resources to reach out to more investors to add to our network of investors. 

Program Location


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Application Instructions

The Vectors Fellowship program is a very selective process. Please use the application to indicate your background, expertise, passion, and career path, and to which team you are applying to. Your role will be allocated based on your qualifications and personal interests in certain areas.  

The application will take roughly 5-10 hours to complete. A valid submission requires three attachments.


Cover letter (Directions provided in the application)

Your primary focus interests (Can choose more than one)

Vectors Capital is a group of impact-focused investors searching for the best seed and pre-seed stage startups that can deliver both impact and financial return.