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Climate tech (Cleantech)

Venture Investment Bootcamp 

Cleantech Angel Investment 101



Environmental challenges such as global warming are risking the future of the ecosystem and human society. The rise of environmental awareness, a significant drop in alternative energy prices, and favorite (or new) government policies and mandates are creating a new wave of opportunities in clean technologies (climate tech) to commercialize and take over the market.


Venture capital (VC) has been spending millions on businesses attempting to develop solutions to our global environmental and social challenges, but more help is needed.

The Climate tech (Cleantech) Venture Investment Bootcamp will help investors learn how to invest in clean technologies and businesses, and understand how their investments could contribute to a positive environmental impact while providing a sound financial return. 


The course especially targets early stage investments for both deep technology and business model innovation and is appropriate for emerging venture capitalists, family offices, foundations, aspiring angel investors who are interested in investing in climate technologies. 


The Climate tech (Cleantech) Venture Investment Bootcamp collaborates with professors and VC partners. You will receive a certificate upon completion.

Format and Duration: 

Duration: 5 weeks 

Dates: Saturdays 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. in June/July (tentative)

Format: Mix of speaker lectures and real company due diligence

Tuition fee: $2900 

Application due: June 5



Course topics: 

Week 1

Topic 1: Overview - what to look for  

  • Technology, products, market  

  • Government policies / regulations 

  • Class Logistics: (to be sent out before the class) 

    • Deal discussion sessions

    • Google Drive: deal rooms, readings

    • Airtable: schedule updates, resources, deal organization


Week 2

Topic 2: Venture Capital basics  

  • Structure 

  • Return 

  • Valuation 

  • Due diligence process - what to look for 

Topic 3: Due diligence process overview 

  • Deal sourcing: how to identify potential startups to invest

  • Deal due diligence

    • Process

    • How to evaluate startups

    • How to evaluate technology/proof of concept for novel products

    • Investment memo

Deal discussion

  • Select deals to work on 


Week 3

Topic 4: Financials & basic investment terms 

  • Guest speaker: Prof. Ilya Strebulaev from Stanford University

  • Investment terms basics 

    • Preferred equity, convertible note, SAFE

    • Pro rata investment right

  • Financial statement overview 

  • Return calculations (in class exercises) 

  • Market size calculations (in class exercises) 

Topic 5: Term sheets, contracting, and negotiations 

  • Guest speaker: TBD

  • Investment process 

  • Documents and legal terms on term sheets 

  • Cap table 

Deal discussion

  • Updates 


Week 4

Topic 6: An overview of climate policies and government mandates

  • Opportunity areas 

Topic 7: Market presentations in the sustainability areas (Market segments) 

Deal discussion

  • Updates 

Week 5

Topic 8: Epilogue

  • Giving advice to startups

  • Post-investment and exit strategy

  • Portfolio management

Deal discussion

  • Company deep dive presentations 

  • Wrap-up